Frotcast 119: The Master, Justin Halpern, Interrupting David Lee Roth

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09.27.12 7 Comments

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Justin Halpern, who just sold his newest book to Fox for a sitcom, joins us this week on The Frotcast to deliver a segment on The Same Plots Pitched in Every Sitcom Writer’s Room, and a lengthy discussion of which celebrities he farted on during his days as a Hollywood waiter. There’s some NON-SPOILERY discussion of The Master, and we get an impromptu visit from Interrupting David Lee Roth. Other topics include buttchugging, Nancy Grace’s hashtag mastery, the zulu who wants to beat me up over a joke I may or may not have told, a local news story about squirrels, Lil’ Wayne’s delightful deposition, and our least favorite screaming sports talking heads. Listen, love, laugh, share, and come to the Live Show in Chicago, Presented by Tall Tale Productions.

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(detailed notes courtesy of Adam)

This week we bring on professional sitcom writer Justin Halpern to tell us the recurring sitcom jokes on every show. We also read emails, hear from David Lee Roth, Vince plays some news clips, and other jackassery ensues. Drunk on!

  • 00:02:00 – Things start off with CNN’s front page poop transplant story. Vince reads some listener emails involving Jews in Australia and poop stories. The guys also talk about the classic SNL Schmitts Gay bit, and their generation’s Stairway to Heaven.
  • 00:13:30 – Recurring guest Justin Halpern joins the Frotcast. He is currently writing for Cougar Town, and is working on a pilot for Fox based on his book I Suck at Girls. Vince reads another listener email detailing a grating experience. Spending time in sitcom writing rooms, Justin goes over some of well worn tropes and jokes that can be found in every single sitcom. There’s some talk about The Master, which leads to dog farts and the time Justin farted on Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  • 00:46:12 – Vince reads a story about the replacement ref who blew the call from Monday’s game. The guys discuss the effect Twitter has on jokes, and they get a kick out of Nancy Grace’s Twitter hashtags.  The guys go off on sports screaming heads, Bret pitches a show idea, and Interrupting David Lee Roth returns.
  • 01:02:51 – Plenty of clips are played. There’s a story about butt chugging, the bully dialogue from the Stoker trailer, Lil Wayne’s deposition, and local news story involving a squirrel. Brendan talks about some of the owners at his dog’s obedience class. Vince dreams about the possibility of Wee Man water skiing just from the speed and force of Usain Bolt. Somebody wants to fight Vince about a joke he never actually told.

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