Frotcast 160: Pacific Rim, and our biggest movie letdowns, with Laremy and David Gborie

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07.12.13 15 Comments


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This week on the Frotcast (sorry I’m posting it a day late, I got swamped like your mom’s panties), RottenTomatoes Top Critic™ Laremy and I discuss Pacific Rim with all your favorite frot-bros, Bret, Brendan, and Ben, finally back from his Vietnam vision quest. Pacific Rim leads to a larger discussion of memorable movie letdowns in general. What movie did you think was going to be super awesome that turned out to be not so awesome?

San Francisco comedian David “The G is Silent” Gborie sits in for the ‘cast, and we hear about his favorite comedy towns, including, strangely Omaha. There’s also talk of Ben’s trip Asia and a listener’s memorable encounter with Val Kilmer – read on for that. Enjoy!

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Gborie tellin’ stories, with the motorcyclin’ Jew.

This is reader submitted, so obviously I can’t verify its veracity:

So I went to the New Mexico State and a couple of years ago, I got my short film in the local film festival. The big draw was that Val Kilmer was going to be there to present films and accept awards.  They said he only did it because he wanted to run for governor but who knows.

So anyway, as the weekend approached more of the screenings kept getting canceled as Kilmer didn’t want to actually come. So the organizers were scrambling which was good for me cause they ended up showing my film like three times.

Anyway by the big presentation night Kilmer had finally committed. There was a huge line for people to get autographs outside that the organizers had made. So he shows up, takes his awards, says he refuses to sign any autographs making the people in line not only miss his speech but miss out on seeing him in anyway.  Then he ran over to this lady in a wheelchair asked if she would be his friend and then proceeded to use her as a battering ram to plow through the crowd. He knocked over two volunteers.

So the festival sucked but the image of Iceman barreling down volunteers so he didn’t have to sign an autograph was worth it.

I love Val Kilmer.

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