Frotcast 170: Matt Lieb Live, Talking Existential Buffoons

09.18.13 5 years ago 9 Comments


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This week on the Frotcast, we welcome our guest, San Francisco comedian Matt Lieb, the only guy I know who owns a Juggalo Hatchetman yarmulke. We talk to him about him gradually losing his mind at the Gathering and about his predilection for quicksand porn.

On the movies tip, we pit Jaden Smith vs. Tyler Perry in a Contest of Existential Buffoons, or, as Brendan calls it, “the immovable moron vs. the unstoppable dumbass.”

We do some Show Us Your Clips, featuring the Newsroom, Ben tells us about donating sperm for surgery before his chemo in Ben’s Cancer Corner, and as always, Brendan has some things to say about football. Specifically, having to watch it with self-righteous white people.

We read your questions and emails in Listener Word Bucket, and we talk about Zac Efron’s coke addiction and why I think the Disney Channel is only a small notch below Al Qaeda. Oh, and I introduce my new character, “comedian who doesn’t understand crowd work.”

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