Frotcast 176: The Guy Fieri Court Report, Matt Lieb’s sexual experiences

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It’s a long podcast this week, but if you don’t make it to the end, I’ll just spoil it for you: Matt Lieb tells us about a girl who choked him out and spit in his face. Before that, I dish the Donkey Sauce on Guy Fieri’s court appearance, and we discuss Bad Grandpa, Blackfish, Seduced and Abandoned, and Cloud Atlas. Listeners write to ask questions and tell us about their worst breakups (keep ’em coming! more lady questions!). Brendan revisits his impression of God, the movie producer who loves Yoohoo.


We all have at least two or three Facebook friends who we barely know in real life that we stay friends with solely so we can keep reading their fantastically obnoxious status updates. For next week’s show, email us your friends’ all-time most obnoxious status update and we’ll read them on the next Frot (with names concealed to protect the innocent, of course).

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