Frotcast 189: Matt Ufford, The Fantasy Oscar Draft Update

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This week on the Frotcast, SB Nation’s Matt Ufford returns to glory in his Seahawks’ victory and his commanding lead in our Fantasy Oscar Draft game. Turns out, pinning my hopes on Inside Llewyn Davis was NOT a great move. (It was September, I couldn’t have known). We discuss the big game, all our favorite Sochi Olympics Fail Porn, how Matt, as a Marine veteran felt about all the military propaganda-esque Super Bowl commercials this year, and answer your questions about planning a bachelor party and cannibal ghost rats. Enjoy. should be back updated soon. In addition to FilmDrunk, you can always find the Frotcast at (even though Podbean sucks), and at Stitcher, where you can stream to your iPhone or Android device, no downloadin’ required (and they usually update pretty punctually).

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