Frotcast 199: The Worst Viral Ad, Burnsy’s Corner, Jason Dove

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This week, San Francisco comedian and conspiracy nut Jason Dove drops by the Frotcast, while Ashley Burns joins via Skype to talk about the origin of Boo Boo Stewart, and we find the world’s most evil viral ad. Burnsy introduces his pick for the song of the Summer, and we listen to the best interview of the week, with “Jammie,” who spells his name visually. Burnsy complains about Empire Records, we get a Jaden Smith update, Jason Dove tells us about the latest conspiracies, we read your porn emails, and Brendan tells us about a dance battle he got into at a wedding.

Here it is, your song of the summer (though it’s really more about the video):

Elsewhere, this is the worst viral ad of all time. Supposedly the people who sat for this job interview were real job seekers:

No way those people were real. If someone pulled that shit on me while I was looking for a job they’d get thrown out a window. What’s even more disturbing is that an ad agency wasting job seekers’ time and then surprising them with an ad for greeting cards is “cute” or “touching” according to some people. I hate those people.