Frotcast 208: Laremy Reads Mean Comments, Alison Reads Bad Tinder Texts

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We have a special treat for the Frotcast listeners this week, as both Bret and Alison Stevenson join us live in studio. Alison reads us some of her creepiest online dating icebreakers that she’s been collecting for years now, and Laremy Skypes in to read the meanest comments about him in his Clint Eastwood post and discuss Bell’s Palsy awareness. Favorite comment, “Did the palsy rot your brain like it did your face, Laremy?”

We answer a reader question about whether girls are capable of pooping without peeing, and about water dumps in general. We discuss Obvious Child, Jersey Boys, and Clint Eastwood’s last decade of movies (all agree that Letters From Iwo Jima is unwatchable, yet somehow this movie rates above 90% on RottenTomatoes, curious). Finally, Laremy and I opine about what makes older film critics eventually turn crazy. Enjoy.

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