Frotcast 226: Faith-Based Films, Zellweger Thinkpieces, and ‘Birdman’


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I worked my ass off writing a Parry Gripp career retrospective last week and I believe we got a grand total of minus 1000 new listeners, so maybe this week of zero celebrity guests (save Laremy) and the kind of verbal tomfoolery we always do will take us to the next level. Work softer, not harder.

The whole gang minus Ben is in the Frotquarters this week, and we open talking about Renée Zellweger thinkpieces. That leads us into her new faith-based movie project, Same Kind Of Different As Me, in which a Texas couple seems to have manifested their own magical negro. We bring on Laremy from who saw Birdman and Fury, we argue about our favorite films of the year so far and whether Michael Keaton is going to win the Oscar. Matt Lieb talks about the time he tried to interview the Linkin Park DJ about his new film, and then he sings us a rap about what he’s been doing with his life since he became a Chobani yogurt pimp (“pürrsay, kerfay, merney.”).

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