Frotcast 229: Zeke And Simon Hawkins Of ‘Bad Turn Worse’

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This week on the podcast, it’s just Bret and I, as we come up with a series of bits, and interview Simon and Zeke Hawkins, co-directors of Bad Turn Worse, a Texas-set neo noir the which is out this weekend (watch the trailer below), which the New York Times calls “a small, nasty directorial debut.”

Bits Include:

Things Bret Is Caught Up On Now:

– Things Bret Is Caught Up On, Subcategory 1: Over The Garden Wall.

– Things Bret Is Caught Up On, Subcategory 2: Too Many Cooks

– – Things Bret Is Caught Up On: Too Many Cooks; Sub-subcategory: Gwydion Lashlee-Walton

The Too Many Cooks name we thought was fake, but turned out to be real. Which led to the following text chain:

VINCE: I posted his picture on Facebook and Jack’s comment was “The crazy thing is, he actually looks like a ‘Gwydion.'”

BRET: He’s magic. He harnesses the power of Gwydons.

VINCE: Great Gwyndan’s Ghost!

BRET: Gwydion the Gwydomancer. By the Power of Gwyndus the Gwyndad! *lightning*

BRET: Also, dude, you shouldn’t take Gwyndan’s name in vain.

BRET: Gwyndion, Son of Gwyndemere, Son of Gwydolog, I present you with the Gwynstone. It’s a powerful relic. It’s not for f*cking. Please do not f*ck the Gwynstone.

VINCE: Gwydion’s gonadoning isn’t until next gwynter. Gwyndolyn the bitch mother steals the spurtening of the aged ones unless you cover your Gwyndle in lamb’s blood.

BRET: Legend speaks of the Gwynter Gwylves. Seek them out before the first spurt soils the land. So it is told. So it shall be. Hail Gwyndolyn! Hail Gwyndus! May shame be upon the loins of those who would oppose such glorious Gwyntertainment.

(*sigh*), yeah, we have fun.

– Things Bret Is Caught Up On Subcategory 3: Serial

— We talk about the podcast, how disappointed it’s setting up listeners to be, and digress into our own jury duty experiences. Oh, and how that Mail Chimp ad is infuriating.

INTERVIEW (25 minute mark): Simon and Zeke Hawkins, directors of Bad Turn Worse, formerly We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, a “Texas neo-noir.” Now opening in select cities!

– Topics include: Best Texas crime movies. Shooting on location on a budget. Their mysterious screenwriter, “Dutch Southern,” which is apparently one of many pseudonyms. Which teams of sibling filmmakers the Hawkinses would fight, if they could fight a team of sibling filmmakers (watch your backs, Mark and Jay Duplass). How many “f*cktards” is too many “f*cktards,” and was Bad Turn Worse secretly financed by “Big F*cktard?” Come for the interview, stay for Vince accidentally drinking too much and rambling.

Petty Zoo (55 Minutes)

– Bret apologizes for previous podcasts and being a dick all the time.

What’s going on in there? (Weekly thing that’s been playing non-stop in Bret’s mind)

– Respect for Kim Kardashian and her big ole butt.

Losing Track of Bret’s Bits and Talking about Chris Nolan and the Farrelly Brothers

If We Made A Set Of Thinkpiece Refrigerator Magnets, What Words Would It Include?

Enjoy, and frot on.

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