Frotcast 229: Zeke And Simon Hawkins Of ‘Bad Turn Worse’

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This week on the podcast, it’s just Bret and I, as we come up with a series of bits, and interview Simon and Zeke Hawkins, co-directors of Bad Turn Worse, a Texas-set neo noir the which is out this weekend (watch the trailer below), which the New York Times calls “a small, nasty directorial debut.”

Bits Include:

Things Bret Is Caught Up On Now:

– Things Bret Is Caught Up On, Subcategory 1: Over The Garden Wall.

– Things Bret Is Caught Up On, Subcategory 2: Too Many Cooks

– – Things Bret Is Caught Up On: Too Many Cooks; Sub-subcategory: Gwydion Lashlee-Walton

The Too Many Cooks name we thought was fake, but turned out to be real. Which led to the following text chain:

VINCE: I posted his picture on Facebook and Jack’s comment was “The crazy thing is, he actually looks like a ‘Gwydion.'”

BRET: He’s magic. He harnesses the power of Gwydons.

VINCE: Great Gwyndan’s Ghost!

BRET: Gwydion the Gwydomancer. By the Power of Gwyndus the Gwyndad! *lightning*

BRET: Also, dude, you shouldn’t take Gwyndan’s name in vain.

BRET: Gwyndion, Son of Gwyndemere, Son of Gwydolog, I present you with the Gwynstone. It’s a powerful relic. It’s not for f*cking. Please do not f*ck the Gwynstone.