Frotcast 238: Starring Matt Lieb As Christian Grey

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Comedian Torio Van Grol joins Matt Lieb and I in the Frotquarters this week, with Laremy Legel joining via Skype to talk The Kingsman (no spoilers) and Fifty Shades of Grey. For my money, the funniest part comes at an hour 28 when Matt Lieb busts out his Christian Grey impression.

We open discussing Matt Lieb’s recent audition for Adam Devine’s House Party, and lead into arguments about Kurt Cobain and our pitches for Spider-Man, now that Marvel is rebooting the franchise. We get into that crazy NY Times article about the internet shame machine and the girl who lost her job and had to move to Africa over a bad AIDS joke. Dongles. Always dongles.

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Until next week, Frotfans. Don’t forget to keep it super real.

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