Frotcast 243: Name Of The Year Fantasy Draft With Matt Ufford

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Twollie Vanderworf! Tokyo Sexwale! Taco BM Monster! Dr. Loki Skylizard! These are all people’s real names, uncovered every year by the folks at Using their 2015 Name Of the Year bracket, we all chose our Name Of The Year fantasy teams (see our picks below), along with our guest, fantasy sports expert Matt Ufford of The Inactives podcast. After that, we discuss competitive Paul Walker grieving among the Furious 7 cast, and go down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theory websites – specifically this comments section, which is magnificent. ENJOY. TELL A FRIEND. KEEP IT REAL.

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UPCOMING COMEDY SHOWS: (At least for Vince, Matt has a lot more) April 1st at the Dark Room in San Francisco, April 2nd at Lost Weekend Video, April 30th at the Hollywood Improv.


Team Matt Ufford

  1. Lancelot Supersad, Jr.
  2. Dr. Data Longjohn
  3. Tunis Van Peenan
  4. Gladstone Dainty
  5. Amanda Miranda Panda (Chosen for him by Matt Lieb)

Team Matt Lieb

  1. Malvina Complainville
  2. Understanding Bush
  3. Flavious Coffee
  4. Shyanthony Synigal
  5. Charity Sunshine Tillemann-Dick (Chosen for him by Bret)

Team Bret

  1. Forrestina Calf Boss Ribs
  2. Handsome Monica
  3. Silver Bronzo
  4. Hunter Jumper
  5. I Made Mangku Patika (Chosen for him by Brendan)

Team Brendan

  1. Cherries Waffles Tennis
  2. Dwellie Striggles
  3. Joko Widodo
  4. Dent McSkimming
  5. Rev. Pierbattista Pizzaballa (Chosen for him by me)

Team Vince

  1. Genghis Muscox
  2. Dr. Wallop Promthong
  3. Manmeet Colon
  4. Blundy Vildor
  5. Ehard Thumfart (Chosen for me by Matt Ufford)

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