Frotcast 297: Game Of Thrones Finale With Matt Ufford, Anomalisa

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This week, Matt Ufford of SB Nation and the Inactives podcast, aka Old Dad, joins me and the rest of the Frotcast crew (Bret and Brendan) to discuss the Game of Thrones finale. After that, we discuss Charlie Kaufman’s stop-motion cunnilingus masterpiece, Anomalisa (which Brendan hated). Other topics include Brexit, the world’s worst relationship column (written by a Burner who demanded an open relationship with his wife so he could bang a spoken word poet), Harambe memes, and of course, Crystal Corner.


4:55 – Harambe memes. Why so good?
7:30 – Breaking down the world’s worst relationship blog, a divorce between Burners. “This is seriously the new dark ages.” -Bret
19:00 – We crowd source our script for “Cuck to the Future”
19:40 – Matt Ufford joins for some Game of Thrones talk.
26:25 – End Game of Thrones spoilers. Aaand we’re back to the burner article again.
32:36 – Back to Game of Thrones!
47:00 – How to deal with street petitions, and #DadBrands
55:50 – How your married friends talk to you when you’re the only single one.
58:00 – Mr Robot
1:03:00 – We talk Anomalisa, which was my favorite movie of last year but Brendan did not like.
1:15:00 – CRYSTAL CORNER, with Katy Perry.
1:21:48 – I discuss my rewatch of The Fast and the Furious, and how awful everything was in 2001.
1:32:18 – Your emails. Bret’s relationship advice: “You’re not gonna meet someone and it’s gonna be okay. It’s never going to be okay.”

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