Frotcast 32: Sundance Clips, Ed Helms, Paul Blart Presents

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01.28.11 30 Comments

(the player below takes a second to load. here’s a direct link to the file.)


FROTCASTARDS: So here’s the deal: I’ve got a bunch of audio from Sundance and I don’t 100% know what to do with it.  For this week’s Frotcast, I put the audio from Ed Helms at the Cedar Rapids roundtable at the end. (It starts at 01:16:00). If you want me to keep including this, let me know.

THIS WEEK ON THE FROTCAST: We try out our new intro music, we read user emails, I play a few clips from Sundance (Rutger Hauer tells me to shut up, etc.), our Oscar correspondent, Brendan’s mom, weighs in on Inception, and we play our new game, Paul Blart Presents, where we throw out a category and come up with Paul Blart remakes.  This week’s category was baseball movies, and I think our best Paul Blart Presents baseball movie was The Flatural. We play the Kevin Smith “and sh*t” video and it almost kills Brendan (31 minutes).

CONTEST: Next week’s Paul Blart Presents category is sci-fi (explained at 01:12:00).  Send us your best Paul Blarts Presents sci-fi title and brief synopsis, and I’ll award our favorite a FilmDrunk shirt. (And if you don’t want a shirt, I can offer free Riley Steele porn).


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