Frotcast 41: The Parry Gripp Interview

(the player below takes a second to load. here’s a direct link to the podcast.)

So this week we got to interview Parry Gripp, he of awesome-internet-song and underrated-rock-band fame.  Hopefully I didn’t make toooo much of an ass of myself, but the fact that we managed to do an interview that wasn’t just 20 minutes of girlish squeals has to be considered a success.  INTERVIEW STARTS AT THE 47-MINUTE MARK. We talked death in the late 90s, the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate, and lots of other fun stuff.  One interesting note was the genesis of “The Girl at the Video Game Store,” the song G4 eventually used for Attack of the Show and made a video for starring Olivia Munn (which he’d recorded on his own before G4 came along).

“I was trying to buy a Nintendo Wii, and I was working on this record for Hallmark, of kids’ music.  And my system was to work late into the evening, and then wake up in the morning and take the things that I’d recorded, go to Starbucks, buy a cup of coffee, and listen to what I’d made the night before.  Then I’d walk to the video store right when they opened and see if they had a Wii.  And it was probably a couple weeks before I got one. So I’d go in there, and there was this girl who worked there.  And I’m kind of older, but I know if I was younger, I would’ve been kind of fixated on her, because that’s just the kind of nerd I was in high school.  So every day for a couple weeks I’d go in there, and I’d ask if the Wii was in yet, and the girl would be like, ‘You know, you could just call.'”

I should also include a link to Horrible Movie Night, which I think I was supposed to ask about but didn’t.  In all seriousness, it sounds pretty cool if you live in the LA area.  Besides Parry, we brought Lindy West back to talk Sucker Punch.   Listen, share, enjoy.


(this is Heidi the Cross-Eyed Opossum, one of the Parry Gripp songs Danger Guerrero snubbed in yesterday’s feature)

And f*ck it, here’s Overweight Hedgehog, because why not.