Frotcast 65: Your Awkward Laughs in Theaters, Shut Up Little Man Interview

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We started this week’s Frotcast with “Space Unicorn,” and it’s impossible not to have a good time after that. I got to talk to Eddie Lee Sausage, one of the guys from Shut Up Little Man (see trailer above). That interview starts at 1:15:00. The movie is currently available on OnDemand/VOD, so check it out.

Other Topics Include:

  • We talked a little about Drive, but I elected to save the bulk of it for next week, when you the listener will have at least had a chance to see it.
  • Burnsy’s Corner: Mike Tyson’s opinion of Glen Rice having sex with Sarah Palin (he’d rather it have been someone like Dennis Rodman, to “push her guts up to the back of her head). [11:20]
  • A Spelling Bee for Old People
  • An Update on the Toddlers & Tiaras mom who dressed her three-year-old like a prostitute
  • Songs of the week (videos for those below)
  • A discussion of butt nairing (don’t ask). [29 minutes]
  • The improv convention guy’s date rape monologue [38 minutes]
  • We read your awkward laugh stories in theaters that we asked for last week. Oddly, two of them involved Twister, and even more oddly, there were multiple stories about Gaspar Noe’s Irreversible. [57 minutes]

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(This was BURNSY’S choice for song of the week…)

And this was ours (note: this video is awesome):