Frotcast 69: Joe King, Steven Seagal Titles, Your Questions

10.13.11 8 years ago 29 Comments

[Download this week’s episode here (right-click, “save as.”)]

This week on the Frotcast, we brought back fan favorite Joe King to discuss his plans for 30-foot gay falcon movies, the controversy surrounding his “Greatest Tweet of All Time” (#GTOAT), and your film/relationship questions.

Some of your questions included:

  • Joe, what’s the worst joke you ever told, or the worst backlash you ever got from an audience?
  • [Movie question for the panel] What are some examples of shows or movies you loved as a kid that you know are terrible now?
  • [Movie question for the panel] What movie roles do you find impossible to accept considering the actor’s reputation? (Submitter’s example: Ludacris always playing the neutered friend in rom-coms).
  • [Relationship question for the panel] How do you get used to your girlfriend’s annoying habits? (Asks submitter whose girlfriend takes hair out of her hairbrush and just drops it on the floor and leaves dead batteries in with the good ones *cough* dealbreaker! *cough, cough*).

YOUR ASSIGNMENT FOR NEXT WEEK: In addition to your relationship questions, stories, and comments, which are welcome any time, we’d love to hear your best generic Steven Seagal movie title. Marked for Danger! Sleeping with Justice! Etc.

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