Frotcast 72: Lindy West LIVE IN STUDIO!

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Who cares about Bond 23, we’ve got Frotcast 72! For this week’s episode, not only did we bring back Lindy West, she’s LIVE IN STUDIO! Our third live guest of all time!

We had a fantastic time, and if you’ve never listened before, I think this would be a great time to try out your first episode.

We begin with me spoiling the ridiculous plot of Tower Heist (and have fun wit Precious’s bumbaclot Jamyaican accent, mon), and it goes from there. Other topics include Harold and Kumar 3D, Brendan does his spot-on impression of every actor named Peter, Lindy and I argue/agree about whether “hipster” is still a meaningful word, Lindy gives us the Phoenix Jones: Real-Life Superhero update, and more. Oh, and of course, more poop transplant stories. Yes, we’re officially experts on this topic now. (A couple corrections: I accidentally said it was Method Man in Harold and Kumar, when really I meant the RZA. Also, I said the guys who wrote Harold and Kumar also wrote Tower Heist. This is false. I don’t know why I thought that.)

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Oh, and thanks to “Matt Mike” for a pretty awesome Seagal plot chart: