Frotcast 93: Ask Seymore Butts Part 2,

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03.29.12 20 Comments

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This week on the Frotcast, Seymore Butts (née Adam Glasser) joins us again for Ask a Porn Dude. He provides more insight into the wonderful world of adult entertainment, discussing the mandatory condom law passed in LA, the future of porn, and his worst location among other things. Laremy Legel from also joins us to talk aboutWrath of the Titans and Hunger Games.

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  • 00:01:33 – Vince introduces the latest entrant into the Epic Drunk Hall of Fame; the Sombrero wearing man with one boxing glove who jumped on a cop car. Bill Burr goes on a rant about nerds and the alt comedy scene [I’m including that below]. Ben brings up the woman who is suing Apple because she walked into a glass window at one of their stores.
  • 00:14:19 – Vince gives us a little taste of his stand-up at the Hollywood Lab. [We went long again this week. I’ll include it with next week’s ‘sode.]
  • 00:18:50 – Brendan talks about his trip to New England where he visited a gunmaker, and shot muskets and other sorts of firearms.
  • 0024:24 – Laremy talks about the Wrath of the Titans and some of the most anticipated movies coming out. Vince and Laremy discuss Hunger Games. The conversation diverges to District B13, a plea to Luc Besson, and Brendan’s infatuation with Steve Harvey’s mustache/teeth combo.
  • 00:53:05 – Adam Glasser AKA Seymore Butts joins the podcast for the second round of Ask a Porn Dude. Some of the topics covered are the future of porn with DVDs and VOD, pirated material on tube sites, the LA law on mandatory condoms and its repercussions on the business, the legality of shooting porn, his worst set location, finding male talent, the perception of escorting, and raising a teenage son.
  • 01:47:14 – With news of the Anchorman 2 announcement, the guys talk about comedy sequels and some other favorite comedies from the last couple of years. Vince teases a topic for next week: Manswers Roulette.

Drunk On! – Adam

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