Frotcast 349: The Shills Shall Inherit The Earth

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From The Fat Jew on the TRL reboot to Thor: Ragnarok (including my 110% spoiler-free review), this week on the Frotcast, we ponder a future (or a present, really) where repping for the big #brands or yourself turning into a brand are the only ways to eat. Comedians Matt Lieb and Joey Avery join me this week, where, naturally, there’s also lots of news to discuss on the Hollywood Sexual Harassment front. Kevin Spacey, Andy Dick, Jeremy Piven… who’s the next Hollywood personality to screw up? Should we start a pool? All that, plus a Sebastian Gorka update, on this week’s Frotcast. Donate at And thanks to all for the kind notes for Ben.


2:00 – Reeling from the TRL reboot

13:00 – An extremely non-spoilery review of Thor: Ragnarok

22:00 – The Hollywood sexual harassment update, first up, Kevin Spacey

36:19 – Sebastian Gorka can’t park

45:00 – Matt feels bad for Osama Bin Laden

52:07 – Hollywood harassment part 2: Andy Dick edition

1:15:30 – Hollywood harassment update part 3: Jeremy Piven edition


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