Frotcast Live Riff: ‘Weekend At Bernie’s,’ With Francesca Fiorentini, Casey Ley, And Bobby Hacker

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It’s time for your monthly super b-b-b-b-bonus episode of the Frotcast in which we riff over a movie. This month, we’ve chosen Weekend At Bernie’s — a movie about the murder of the bourgeoisie by the proletariat whom make the rich into corpse puppets for our amusement. It’s also currently available on HBO Go.

The Frotquarters was packed with comedians and writers, three guests in all, which is a lot for a riff episode so be prepared to be bombarded with JOKES. Our guests are host of Newsbroke on AJ+ Francesca Fiorentini, writer and born cyber criminal Bobby Hacker, and first time guest from the Gay Power Half Hour podcast comedian Casey Ley! This episode is so good, it’s to DIE-AND-THEN-BE-REANIMATED-VIA-A-SERIES-OF-GOOFS-INCLUDING-NECROPHILIA for.

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