Frotcast Teaser: Matt And Vince Discuss ‘IT Chapter Two’

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Hey everyone! It’s finally here! And by “it” we are talking about “It” the movie not “it” as in the way teens talked about sex in the 80s. Unlike Vince who is a philistine, Matt has actually read the novel It by Stephen King and has a lot of thoughts about how books are better than movies. In general, Matt and Vince discuss everything from clowns being scary, to redheads being in movies all the time, to Stephen King’s ideas being the product of cocaine. It’s a really great episode and I’m not just saying that because I am one of the two hosts of the show.

Vince’s Note: You guys should listen to this, as Matt has truly an encyclopedic knowledge of Stephen King novels, which was nice, because I sure wasn’t going to read 1100 pages just to prepare for this silly movie (which I actually quite enjoyed). I think it’s one of Matt’s two areas of expertise, the other one being heroin.

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