Frotcast 379: Brendan Returns! For ‘The Fugitive,’ Football Parables, And Yusef Roach

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08.17.18 8 Comments

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Do you like The Fugitive? Do you enjoy trying to guess the moral of convoluted football coach parables? Well then you’re going to love this week’s Frotcast, featuring the triumphant return of co-host Brendan, the human giant, former NFL player and translator of all the most convoluted football parables from Hard Knocks, Last Chance U, and QB1. We also have returning guest Yusef Roach, fresh off his recent firing getting Sarah Jeong’d on some bullsh*t. Subscribe to his podcast, will ya? Also Matt Lieb is on, talking about his colonoscopy. Polyps for everyone! And we have a late entry song of the Summer, “Bitch I’m A Cow.”

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4:00 – Yusef gets fired

25:00 – Awful football coach speeches from pop culture — Brendan responds

39:23 – Bitch I’m A Cow

1:09:35 – The Fugitive

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