Gary Busey fired from movie for being Gary Busey

Gary Busey has been fired from an acting job on probable blockbuster Mansion of Blood, after complaints about his erratic behavior. Sources say the trouble started when producers realized they had hired Gary Busey.

The famously unpredictable actor was dumped from “Mansion of Blood” after a female employee allegedly complained that he made inappropriate comments on set, TMZ reported Wednesday.
Several members of the horror flick’s production team had already allegedly complained about Busey’s conduct, so production bosses decided it was time to terminate his employment, according to TMZ sources.
Busey, 66, had already finished shooting about half of his scenes — so the script was rewritten and another actor filled in to shoot the rest.
“The situation was plagued by contractual issues and misunderstandings from the outset,” Busey’s representative said. “Gary considers this episode concluded and has no further comment on the matter.” [FoxNews]

Busey went on to say that his compensation was misrepresented.  His trailer was far smaller than promised, with no air conditioning and belligerent weather stripping.  And the generator they provided was woefully underpowered to support a proper rendering operation.  “I don’t mean to seem like a prima donna,” he said, “but if producers can’t live up to the terms of a signed blood oath, you start to wonder why you even left the attic.”