Gary Busey has an outtakes reel, a Buseyism for "Fart"

When a Gary Busey outtake reel hits the internet, I know I can pretty much give my brain the afternoon off and start transcribin’, because nothing I will ever write could hold a candle to Gary Busey’s average rambling. Today’s clip comes from the makers of Piranha 3DD, who know that Gary Busey’s psychosis is as good a promotional tool as anything. Piranha 3DD, if you’ll remember, is the film in which, as recounted by Paul Scheer, Gary Busey kicked the lead actor in the stomach and had him dragged off set. (“‘I came on set and I introduced myself to him, and he goes ‘Get outta here with that bullsh*t!’ And he kicked me in the stomach. And then he said ‘Get that guy off the set!”)

Some highlights from the clip (below). Don’t worry, there is no context. There never is.

“You throw the dynamite in the pool, it blows up, and the piranhas float to the surface, and you pick em up, and you fling ’em like little FISH FRISBEES, and they’ll sail through the air, and the rats eat ’em when they’re dead.”

“Rats, vermin, squirrels, mice — maybe even a badger or a wolverine, would get a piranha.”

“F.A.R.T. is, Feeling A Rectal Transmission.”

“I gotta go now, because the cows are calling me home.”

A Buseyism for “fart.” Is there anything more relevant to our interests than that?

[via Drew McWeeny at Hitfix, which is fitting, as Drew was once a co-writer on F.A.R.T. the Movie.]