Flight Delayed When Agitated Frog Pees on Airplane

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08.17.11 22 Comments

Trivia: That butt belongs to a 16-year-old Katherine Heigl

Famous French actor Gerard Depardieu, who won a Golden Globe in 1990 for Green Card and an Oscar nomination the same year for Cyrano De Bergerac, and who these days resembles a morbidly obese proboscis monkey, reportedly dropped trou and peed on the floor of a CityJet plane in front of everyone when the stewardess told him he couldn’t get up to use the bathroom. But hey, peeing on stuff is just what frogs do when they’re agitated. HA! SUCK IT, FRANCE! IT’S ABOUT TIME SOMEONE FINALLY HAD THE COURAGE TO MAKE FUN OF YOU!

French film actor Gerard Depardieu was caught short on a Paris to Dublin flight and chose not to bother going to the toilet before relieving himself, airline CityJet told AFP.
According to a passenger, who was not named, the 62-year-old was visibly inebriated and tried to stand up before take-off, when passengers are asked to wear seatbelts, declaring: “I want to piss, I want to piss.”
When a stewardess asked him to sit and wait 15 minutes until the jet took off and reached cruising altitude, he said he could not wait. “And there and then he stood up and did it on the floor,” she told the French broadcaster.
“We could see he had been drinking. The stewardess was dumbfounded,” she added. “No-one said anything. It all happened with courtesy. Mr Depardieu sat back down and the plane returned to the parking area to be cleaned.” [AFP]

Jokes aside, good for him. I’m from the country, and if I have a choice between peeing in a toilet and peeing not in a toilet, I’ll take the latter every time. Trust me, there’s nothing quite like the feel of fresh air on your piss stream. As men, it’s our birthright to pee wherever and whenever the urge strikes us, hence the helpful spout. So if we ask you to use the bathroom, that’s just us being chivalrous. If you say no, guess what, some sh*t’s getting peed on. So whether you’re a stewardess, an urban business owner, or the owner of a retail establishment, always remember: when a man asks you for a place where he can pee, it’s because he wants to find a place to pee, not because he needs one.

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