Gina Carano to star in gender-swapped ‘Taken’ from the writers of Dumb and Dumber

Despite having her voice altered beyond recognition and the movie turning out sort of dull, Gina Carano did a pretty good job in Haywire, or at least, pretty good for as green an actress as she was. To date, the movie has earned $24.2 million worldwide on an estimated $23 million production budget, so it’s not really a huge win or loss either way. Regardless, it looks like Gina Carano will be getting another shot at action stardom, and I for one am happy for her, because she’s super pretty. I think we can all agree that pretty people are better than regular people.

The MMA fighter-turned-actress is coming on board to star in In the Blood, an action thriller being directed by John Stockwell (Into the Blue, Blue Crush).
Described as being in the vein of Taken, Blood is set in motion when a husband disappears while vacationing in the Caribbean with his wife, to be played by Carano. The grieving wife passionately and recklessly pursues the men whom she believes kidnapped and killed him. Bennett Yellin and James Robert Johnston (Dumb and Dumber) wrote the script. [THR]

“Marsha Jenkins was a mild-mannered housewife who just wanted to have a nice vacation with her husband. But when terrorists kidnapped him, what they didn’t count on was that Marsha Jenkins was once rogue ex-CIA special forces EPA agent Mallory Blood. Now the skills that made her a nightmare for pencil pushers are going to make her a nightmare for them!”

I can’t wait. Just to make it the perfect gender swap, I hope Taylor Lautner plays Gina Carano’s pussy twink husband, who gets kidnapped by a bunch of Muslim chicks in burqas, and just cries and bleats like a helpless llama until Gina comes and saves him with her muay thai. Gina will run in and shout, “I’ll show you exposed shins!” and kick some terrorist broad right in the face. And then she and I would make out for a while. Yeah, that would be cool.