Got $995? You can own John Candy’s bookshelf from Delirious.

John Candy was taken from us far too early, in 1994, and while we’ll never know to what great heights his talent would’ve eventually carried him, we can buy a small piece of his legacy in the form of this butt ugly bookshelf on craigslist in Santa Monica. It was specially built for the movie Delirious (1991), and the price has been dropped from $2400 to just $995. And the styling is true circa 1990 vintage:

It matches my mom’s old Jazzercise shirts perfectly.

Here’s the ad:

reduced from 2400

to 1900

to 1500

to 1400

to 1350

to 1325

to 1260

to 1200

to 1100

to 995

If you are reading this ad then It means that it is still for sale . I do not answer to

“Is this item still for sale”

This is a special piece that was made and used in the John Candy movie “Delirious” filmed in

1990 and there is a shot of him standing

in front of the piece . The sliding door is made of cut exotic inlaid wood. The dimensions are

5ft 3 in by 5 ft high and 20 1/2 deep. The right side has a total of six glass shelves that can

be adjusted to any style you want.

There are 2 roomy slide out drawers at the bottom. It includes the frame with picture

of John Candy .

The shelves can be removed and used for more choices such as an entertainment

center, display or liquor bar.

It cost 5,000 dollars when it was built for the movie.

. 25 in. television Included The television is on

a shelf that can be pulled out and rotated to view at different angles.

Hold on, did you say it comes with a 25-inch television and a framed picture of John Candy?? That this hasn’t sold already can only be blamed on our sluggish economy. THANKS, OBAMA.

I mean come on, this thing is everything. It’s a bar, it’s a dresser, it’s a bookshelf, it’s an entertainment center for a 25-inch TV, it’s an abstract painting made of exotic wood… what more do you want? And look at all these cubbies! Room for your incense candles and at least five stray cats.

Don’t sleep on this deal, Drunkards.

[thanks to TheReeleDeele for the tip]