04.19.11 8 years ago 12 Comments

A new trailer for Mr. Popper’s Penguins (in theaters June 17th!) has hit the web, which presents something of a dilemma for me.  Because, while my enthusiasm for Jim Carrey hamming it up for the camera has waned over the years, in conjunction with his typically-Canadian slide towards total insanity (see also: Aykroyd, Dan), my ability to watch penguins waddle around squawking and sliding around on their bellies like portly, tuxedo-ed drunks knows virtually no bounds.  HEE HEE! LOOK AT THEM WADDLE! (*claps hands*)

Now, while we could discuss the worst of the family comedy clichés on display here — the toilet-flush gag, the workaholic father, the flooded bathroom, a gratuitous dance scene, YOU’RE RUINING MY IMPORTANT BUSINESS MEETING! — I think it’s more interesting to note that the entire film can basically be boiled down into three frames:

Additional Note: There was a fart sound between the first and second frames. -via Comingsoon

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