Harold and Kumar trailer something something HEY, BOOBS!

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08.11.11 3 Comments

After the jump, I’ve got the trailer for A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas, a 3D romp starring those two guys who’ll be forever known as Harold and Kumar. It looks reasonable funny and not super ambitious, as we’ve come to expect of Harold and Kumar movies. I still can’t believe I’m referring to that in the plural. I’d love to go back in time to 2004, when the first Harold and Kumar movie came out and just stand in line blowing people’s minds. “Yeah, so this goofy little stoner movie is going to go on to spawn two sequels. …No, seriously. And that’s not all. We’re gonna elect a black guy president, he’s going to appoint the Indian stoner dude to some UN Commission… and you remember Doogie Howser? Yeah, he’s in this movie! He plays some crazy poonhound dude, and he has this huge career resurgence. Oh, and I forgot to mention: he’s gay! That’s right: seven years from now, there are going to be three Harold and Kumar movies, Kumar works for the president, and thanks in part to a cameo in a stoner movie, Doogie Howser is openly gay, super respected, and a household name.”

When you think about it, Harold and Kumar might actually be the best lens there is through which to view how much society has changed in seven years. It’s like the guy writing the script for history got really stoned halfway through and just said “f*ck it.”

Also: They do that “cut-away-from-the-character-right-before-he-swears” move like six times. That’s becoming the new record scratch.


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