Harrison Ford Joked That ‘Anchorman 2’ Is ‘Unreleasable’ On Jimmy Kimmel Live

If he hadn’t already done so, Harrison Ford cemented his status as one of Hollywood’s most grizzled old curmudgeons at Comic-Con 2013 when he gave the best response to a question about Han Solo and Indiana Jones making out or something like that. While some people like me found that endearing and awesome, others saw it as him being a dick to a fan who was just asking a stupid question. Either way, it’s Harrison Ford and he can do whatever he wants.

One of the things that he wants to do is promote his new film Paranoia by making ridiculous jokes about his upcoming blockbusters, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and The Expendables 3, on Jimmy Kimmel Live. At least I think they’re jokes, because Ford plays the aloof old fart better than anyone these days. But joking or serious, his remarks about those sequels compared to Paranoia, which he claims he actually likes, are pretty damn funny, especially if you pretend that he’s 100% legitimately indifferent to whether or not people even see them.

(Apologies for four videos, but it’s apparently easier to break the interview up into multiple segments and post them each to YouTube separately.)