Harrison Ford Is Still Totally ‘In Talks’ For A ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel Or Whatever

Last year, there were rumblings that director Ridley Scott was “in talks” with something called Alcon Entertainment to reboot Blade Runner, allowing the film’s original director to offer a new generation of moviegoers the chance to enjoy the classic story of a dystopian society overrun by corporations and robots. Except, a movie can’t really be a reboot if it’s being directed by the same man who directed the original, and it was later clarified that not only was Scott looking to make this film a sequel, but he was also in talks with Harrison Ford to return and reprise his role as Rick Deckard.

Of course, as big, bad naysayer Vince pointed out, almost any rumor involving Ridley Scott usually dissipates and floats away after a day or so like a Buffalo Wild Wings fart, but not this time, folks. IGN caught up with the always cheerful Ford while he was promoting Ender’s Game recently and they asked the question on everyone’s mind (again): “Are you interested in doing the sequel?”

“Yeah. We’ve been chatting about it…

“I truly admire Ridley as a director, and I’d be happy to engage with him again in the further telling of this story.”

BOOM! Suck on that, haters! You don’t get much clearer than that. Wait, hold on… I’m receiving an important message via telegraph… apparently you can get clearer than that. In fact, this is the opposite of clear. It’s actually completely vague and answers no questions about the actual state of a Blade Runner sequel, but that should not stop anyone from reporting that Ford is “in talks,” according to the imaginary conversation I just made up.