Help Wanted: Will You Attend Gathering of the Juggalos for FilmDrunk?

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07.19.12 52 Comments

Well, folks, we’ve never done this before, but I imagine that you, like me, are somewhat intrigued by the Juggalo phenomenon. Easy to ridicule yet strangely endearing, and all of it centered around a couple white guys who dress like clowns and rap about murder (but also togetherness). Here’s the thing: The Gathering of the Juggalos is fast approaching (Cave-in-Rock, Illinois; August 8th – 12th), and we’re looking for someone who’ll be our eyes and ears on the ground (for at least a couple days).

Our question to you: Were you planning to attend, or had you always wanted to? Maybe you gave it a fleeting thought, and this is just the kick in the ass you need. Filmdrunk and the Frotcast crew are looking for a Filmdrunk Correspondent for the Gathering. We’d like someone with a decent video camera (and maybe even a friend to hold it for you). You be our eyes, and we’ll be your outlet. Then we can all share in Juggalicious Goodness. The goal is to get footage, interviews, Juggalo walking, and whatever else will give us a nice slice of life of what it’s like to experience this momentous event.

Are you interested? Send us a video (three minutes or less, plz) telling us:

  • Why you want to go
  • Why you’re the best person for the job
  • What’s your favorite thing about Juggalos

Send it to (link to online video preferred). Deadline is July 27th. You have about one week. This could be really awesome. WOO WOOO.

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