Here’s Brad Pitt as Eraserhead for some reason

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12.08.11 12 Comments

Here’s Brad Pitt in a super short film featuring him dressed as Henry Spencer from David Lynch’s 1978 film, Eraserhead. To be honest, I’m not really sure what the point of this was. It must be weird being so famous that you can film yourself combing your hair in a different way and it gets covered by the New York Times.

[Apparently it was part of a whole series of contemporary actors “embodying” (dressing up as) cinematic villains from years past. Here’s Baby Goose and George Clooney, for instance. They’re… pretty boring, actually.]

Not to be outdone, here’s Harrison Ford in “Staplerhead.”:

Did he just… staple his hat to his head? Man, Harrison Ford used to be so metal. I bet he pulled those staples out one by one, too, just to tip his cap to a passing lady.

[gif via KreesesPieces]

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