'Hitlar,' a Pakistani movie about Hitler's son and his army of bears

Today I found out about the 80s Pakistani action flick, Hitlar, and I have mixed feelings about it. While it’s a great find, I’m disturbed to discover that if I had thought up an action film about Hitler’s son commanding an army of bears, I would not only be unoriginal, but almost 30 years late. What a world.

The 1980s Pakistani action flick Hitlar presents a parallel universe in which der Führer escaped Germany after World War II only to settle down in South Asia. Once there, the deposed tyrant threw his racial dogma to the wind and sired a son.
The son of Hitler — the eponymous Hitlar — spends his days terrorizing a small town, using his musical sting to petrify his enemies, and conversing with paintings of his dead Nazi father.

What a hilariously politically incorrect time capsule, right? Well, not really. It was just last year that India was making Ghandi to Hitler. I haven’t seen that yet, but I assume it’s a remake of From Justin to Kelly with a historical angle.

Hitlar’s nemesis is played by the late Pakistani megastar Sultan Rahi, whose protagonist is marked for death after defying the evil strongman. How does Hitlar attempt to dispose of the hero? By recruiting an army of bears to slay him. Yes, the son of Hitler has the power to command ursine warriors. [i09]

An army of bears?? Jeez, who does Hitler think he is, Mike Ditka?

You can see the bear part at 10:10 of the video below.

This got me to thinking, if they ever tried to do an American remake, who would play Hitler’s son? ANSWER: Michael Cera.