Holy crap, look at this gif (and morning links)

I went through about a thousand pictures before I found one I wanted to use for Morning Links today, but mother of God. I could Not. Stop. Laughing at this one. He just keeps making that same face, over and over again. Man, the 90s were stupid. |via FckYeah1990s|

COMEDY COMEDY COMEDY. Yo, to any San Franciscans within the sound of my words, I’ve got a show Tuesday night at 8 at the Milk Bar in the Haight. Check it. |DisagreeableGentlemen|

Re-Take: 25 Celebs Playboy Should Have Spent A Million Bucks On |Smoking Section|

James Franco reviewed Twilight |Film Drunk|

Game of Thrones Teaser Trailer: Needs More Tyrion B*tch-Slapping Joffrey |Warming Glow|

Bad Lip Reading’s Interpretation Of Rick Perry’s Anti-Gay Ad |UPROXX|

The Best And Horrifically Worst Of The 2011 Air Sex World Championships |With Leather|

Daniel Craig admits Quantum of Solace sucked. (Yes, it sucked. Way worse than Casino Royale. You’re insane if you disagree). |Film Drunk|

25 Awesomely Nerdy Snowmen |Gamma Squad|

The 25 Most Awkward Photos With Santa |Buzzfeed|

Here’s Lindsay Lohan in a bikini. STOP THIS CHARADE. JUST DO PORN OR DIE ALREADY, THIS IS RIDICULOUS. |TheSuperficial|

Two little kids doing Tae Kwon Do is old as hell, but always adorable and worth a post. |Videogum|

12 homes with serious Christmas decorations. |MentalFloss|

Video taken by a guy who’s mother in law tried to kill him. Chicks, man. |TheDailyWhat|

You should really start reading Drew’s Peter King breakdown. One of the highlights of my week. |KSK|

Game Over: The Greatest Video Game Maneuver Ever Accomplished. |Unreality|

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