Here Are Two More Clips For ‘This Is The End’

Senior Writer
05.24.13 8 Comments

Every time that I see a new trailer, clip or TV spot for This is the End, I become quite worried that I’m going to arrive at the theater to see this meta apocalyptic comedy, with my fancy dungarees pressed and an elegant lady of the night on my arm, and it’s going to suck because it’s just one long inside joke between the guys in Seth Rogen’s and James Franco’s little gang.

But then Craig Robinson shows up, sipping his own piss in a martini glass and that concern is quieted. Anyway, as I posted the new red band clip from This is the End yesterday, it turns out that there were actually two other new clips as well. We’re being spoiled. But it’s not a good spoiled. I mean, just let us see the movie already if you want us to watch it that badly.

Do you think Jonah Hill really has that one diamond stud earring? Harrison Ford and Morgan Freeman still do the one earring routine and they’re a combined 1,200 years old. So maybe it’s like a new, cool thing for young A-listers. I’m just trying to figure out if I should do it or not, and if there’s a certain ear, so it’s not like when I pierced my right ear in high school.

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