‘How Frozen Should Have Ended’ Is Absolutely Correct

The diabolical geniuses and historical film revisionists at How it Should Have Ended are back with perhaps their greatest creation to date, as they have finally decided how the Oscar-winning Disney animated hit Frozen should have actually ended. Like most young kids, my niece is absolutely obsessed with Frozen, so I decided to give it a shot and watch it this weekend, and I was completely lost by the time that the girl with the magical powers randomly decided to sing, “Let it Go.” I just couldn’t get past the fact that her parents locked her away for a good part of her young life, and apparently I’m not alone.

How Frozen Should Have Ended not only addresses that strange issue, but it also offers an alternative that would have done wonders to keep guys like me interested the whole way through. (Also, my niece spoiled the ending for me two minutes into the film. WTF, kid?)