‘I Have A Lot Of Tricks, But I’m Not Your Dog’: An Interview With AVN Awards Co-Host Alexis Texas

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Before she started working in porn in 2007, Alexis Texas grew up in Texas. And of course, she’s famous for having ample buttocks that could remind one of the phrase “everything’s bigger in Texas.” So when you think about it, the name works on at least two levels. As if to confirm that she’s attained a level of pornstardom reserved for only the super elite, Texas was named co-host of the 2015 AVN Awards. According to the official press release, “Her career highlights have included gracing the cover of Hustler magazine’s 35th anniversary issue, holding a three-year reign as Elegant Angel’s Buttwoman, becoming an exclusive contract girl† for Adam & Eve Pictures, and this year having her most hallowed asset officially decorated by winning the AVN Fan Award for Hottest Ass.”

She was also the cover model for “The Big Butt Book,” and appears in that capacity in my favorite Getty Image of director Brett Ratner. A day before the awards, I had the chance to speak with Ms. Texas on the exhibition floor. As we strained to hear each other over the loud Buckcherry songs, I tried to ask her a few questions not about her butt.

UPROXX: When you meet people outside of the porn world, do you tell them what you do for a living, or do you have a go-to lie?

I don’t tend to lie. I don’t like to lie. I don’t like to divulge information that people don’t need to know. I try to predict how someone might react to a situation. If they’re going to go really crazy, or they even think like– they’re so conservative. Because I’m from Texas at the end of the day, so I know all the conservative Republicans very well. So you just have to play it safe.

I used to edit porn. One night I was in a cab and I sort of — this cab driver woman asked me what I did. I said I was an editor. She’s like, “Oh! What kind of stuff do you edit?” It was late, and I was just kind of too tired to lie, so I just told her. And then she threw me out of the cab. So I was wondering, what’s the worst reaction you’ve ever had?

Really? That’s horrible. See things like that, I’ve heard stories, but I’ve never had something that crazy happen. What’s weird is, until I got into this industry I never realized how much people ask what’s your name and what do you do?

When you’re on an airplane, when you don’t know someone, those are the first two, and I hate that. It’s like, what do you do doesn’t define who you are. You’re telling me if I don’t know you that you are a truck driver, how would that make you any different, do you know what I mean? So for me I don’t like to be like, “Yeah, I’m in porn.” I like people to find out who I am first and accept me and then be like, “Oh, I do porn.” They’re like, “What? No way. You would never.” So I like the shock value.