‘Interstellar’ Backlash Now Set To Hit 9 Days Before The Public Can See It, Experts Say

Critics in New York and LA have seen Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, and as usual, New York and LA critics are the only humans on Earth, so there’s already a spirited debate about whether the film is actually amazing or if everyone has just succumbed to the Christopher Nolan hype yet again. “Everyone” being a handful of critics in New York in LA, of course. Professional Nolan hater Armond White has yet to weigh in, sadly.

What a tragedy it would be if the movie none of us have seen yet turns out not to win as many of the awards we haven’t started thinking about yet, am I right? Hypothetically speaking, I might be real bummed :-(

Interstellar: “Let’s talk about it after it actually comes out.”

Remember you heard it here, folks.