Interview with the 5-year-old screenwriter behind Fast Five

04.26.11 8 years ago 16 Comments

After the jump, you can watch the interview with the screenwriter behind this weekend’s blockbuster, nay, PaulWalkbuster, Fast Five (5 Fast 5 Furious).

[On coming up with his script] “I wanted the cars to drive fast, and some of them to explode.”

[On the return of Jordana Brewster] “She’s a girl, and she likes to kiss, so she doesn’t play with the cars, but sometimes she does, but mostly just the boys.”

The kid is obviously great, but I also enjoy the tooly Morning Show interviewer.

“How many sequels are you planning?”
“Six hundred.”
“Ha!  Well I know where I’ll be every summer!”

There’s not much left to say here other than bravo, The Onion, bravo.  This almost makes up for the time you invited some hipster with a tuba baritone down to record a cover of a Danzig song.

[via TheOnion]

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