Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter: Now with EVEN MORE VAMPIRE HUNTING!

Hot on the heels of the domestic trailer that came out yesterday, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter now has an international trailer. Whereas the American version was mostly slow-motion and fire, this one provides more plot and voiceover and Dominic Cooper (though it still has plenty of slow-motion and fire, don’t you worry about that). Cooper plays Henry Sturgess (to Ben Walker’s Lincoln), who’s apparently a vampire who gives Lincoln’s secret vampire diary to the book’s narrator.

I still have a hard time getting past the fact that a story about Abraham Lincoln hunting vampires takes itself this seriously and isn’t comedic at all, but at the very least, its success should help pave the way for my script, “William Howard Taft, 10-Dicked Werewolf Raper.”

You’re probably thinking, “but wait, who has the 10 dicks, Taft or the werewolves?” That, my friend, is what we call “the twist.”