Is '21 Jump Street' Actually Getting A Sequel?

I meant to hit this little tidbit of “news” yesterday, but I was too busy opening my own custom furniture shop in Tampa, thanks to the inspiration that Magic Mike provided me. So, uh, does anyone need a coffee table made out of air filters and syringes? $6,000 and no layaway.

Speaking of Magic Mike, the film has grossed $52 million* in two weeks (on a $7 million budget) making it Channing Tatum’s third blockbuster of the year. The Vow, which opened in February, has grossed $193 million worldwide and 21 Jump Street, which opened in March, has grossed $197 million already. And while you’ll read plenty about The Vow on a certain list I make at the end of the year, 21 Jump Street deserved this success, because it was a surprising combination of parody, heart, and all-around good comedy.

And as we know from the end of the film, the next assignment for C-Tates and Jonah Hill is… I’ll stop and say “SPOILER ALERT” here to respect anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but seriously, get with it, people. Everyone else, join me after the, um, jump.

Obviously, anything that C-Tates touches is turning to gold right now, which is why even G.I. Joe 2 was pushed back from a SUMMER RELEASE to be re-tooled to appease his legion of fans. So will there be an actual sequel to 21 Jump Street, in which Tatum and Jonah Hill accept their next assignment in college? HOLLER AT YA BOY, C-TATES.

Everyone involved would be foolish not to join the sequel. Even Ice Cube can reschedule his Coors Light commercials to return as the captain. And if I may offer a suggestion, I’d like to see C-Tates and J-Hill attend Florida A&M University, where they’ll join the drumline and step team in order to take down a hazing frat. Topical, son.

*Dudes, Magic Mike hasn’t even been released worldwide yet. Only women in Slovenia have seen it, and I imagine their response looked like one of those old Pepsi Glasnost commercials.

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