Is it funny yet? The Dictator has a new red-band trailer

Senior Editor
05.07.12 18 Comments


The Dictator opens next weekend, and Paramount just released a new red-band trailer which you can watch below. I’ve been saying over and over that Sacha Cohen is much funnier when he’s interacting with real people rather than actors like this, but this trailer does look a liiiittle funnier than the last couple. I’m not as taken as everyone else seems to be with the scene where he shoots people on the racetrack, but I absolutely love the taxi getting hit with a trash can and the little fat kid getting kicked into a product display at the convenient store. In fact I could watch two hours of fat kids getting kicked into stuff, easily. Anyway, I see this in a few days, so you’ll be able to read my in-depth breakdown of which jokes I liked and didn’t like in the next issue of Things You Probably Don’t Give a Shit About Weekly.

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