It’s Will Ferrell Vs. Mark Wahlberg In The Trailer For Paramount’s ‘Neighbors’ Clone, ‘Daddy’s Home’

The Other Guys never really topped The Rock and Sam Jackson’s death scene right at the beginning, but it’s hard to deny that Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell had a certain chemistry. They’re back together in Daddy’s Home, from Horrible Bosses 2 directors Sean Anders and John Morris. Will Ferrell plays the dorky stepdad to Mark Wahlberg’s ultra cool biological dad. I hope there’s a scene where Will Ferrell has to teach the kids how to feed themselves with the short little T-Rex arms they’ll likely inherit.

From Yahoo:

Mark Wahlberg on reuniting with Ferrell for more comedy: “Doing my first comedy was The Other Guys, other than that little bit I did in Date Night, and I always felt how much Will had my back and I was in good hands to risk trying anything. You don’t have to worry about looking ridiculous because you know you’re in good hands.”

Will Ferrell on the difference between their characters: “My character has learned all the latest parenting techniques, and we have a storyline where [the son] Dylan is getting picked on by fourth graders, and Brad’s instinct is talk and role-play and do conflict resolution dialogue, and Dusty’s like, ‘We gotta teach him how to fight.'”

Well yes, that certainly sounds… uh… (*dismissive wanking motion*).

Remember how Neighbors was marketed as “FAMILY vs. FRAT”? Neighbors was one of the biggest R-rated comedies of all time (it’s getting a sequel, btw), so now Paramount has essentially stolen that hook, billing Daddy’s Home as “DAD vs. STEPDAD.” It’s practically the same trailer, right down to the over-the-top sight gags at the end.

I dunno, man. “Dad and stepdad try to one-up each other” sounds more like a two-minute sketch than a whole movie to me. I think they could’ve fit this entire concept into an MTV Movie Awards bumper and it still might’ve needed stretching. I’m not excited for the new crop of studio comedies that can be sold in three words. Unless of course the three words are “DONGS GOING IN.”