JägerBonds And The Frotcast: Part Two

04.30.14 5 years ago 6 Comments

Whenever I see three grown men gallivanting around San Francisco, laughing and high-fiving in celebration of another epic night, I always find myself thinking “there should really be an app for this kind of bonding.”

By now, I’m sure you are all familiar with Jägermeister’s new app, JägerBonds. Last night we used it capture a night of sightseeing and jaunting across our beautiful city. Our journey begins at the Frotquarters and takes us from the highest heights of Russian Hill, through the twists and turns of Lombard street, all the way to the majestic Palace of Fine Arts. And we were able to capture it all using JägerBonds.

Nights don’t get more epic than this, and if they do, the police are usually involved. Check it out:

From ping-pong, hand-stands, to fine art; this video contains a completely accurate representation of three best friends celebrating their bestfriendship. Sure, it was a little cold and foggy, but that’s why scientists invented Jägermeister. It’s possible that this app could make any night seem equally as epic, but I doubt there’s any person in the history of persons who has ever had more fun than we had. Trust me. I was there.

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