FilmDrunk Comedy Night: A JägerBonds Success Story

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04.14.14 4 Comments

Vince Mancini

Remember when I told you about Jägermeister’s new app, JägerBonds, which helps you capture your most epic nights in their full glory? Well, we recently used it to capture quite a night.

The FilmDrunk Frotcast crew, along with a handful of fans and some fun people we met along the way, joined forces for a night on the town here in San Francisco. Like all of the best nights, it started with tacos, eventually encompassing two comedy shows, and all of the strange and wonderful interactions you have on the streets of San Francisco after midnight.

JägerBonds helped us record it all for posterity, in all of its taco-eating, Jäger-drinking, multiple-comedy-set performing, sign-climbing glory. Check out the video below.

It’s all there! Matt feeding me salsa, the taqueria massage, both of us CRUSHING it onstage (were you there, smart guy? DO NOT DISPUTE ME!), me climbing things for some reason, and so, so much exposed brick. Thanks to JägerBonds for making a memorable night even more memorabler, if that’s a word.

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