James Cameron: Chris Nolan should’ve gotten Best Director nomination

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02.04.11 12 Comments

Critics of Chris Nolan says he’s too mechanical, always putting plot trickery and impressive visuals over character development.  You’ll never believe this, but one of his great defenders is James Cameron.

“I loved Inception, and I wish that it had gotten more,” Cameron told THR Monday at the Hollywood premiere of Sanctum. “I wish Chris Nolan had gotten nominated for directing that film because I think that it’s the most astounding piece of film creation and direction of the year, hands down … but now it’s not even in the running. So I diverge from the Academy’s taste in a lot of ways.” [THR]

To be fair, if I designed an entire hallway that spun 360 degrees and shot a $160 million film in like 20 different countries, and they ended up d*cking me over for some guy who filmed a stuttering prince, I’d be pretty pissed.   Luckily, Chris Nolan is all polite and British.  Here’s what he had to say after Inception took home four awards from the Visual Effects Society:

“I’m often quoted in the press talking about visual effects like an actress talks about her use of botox… I know visual effects people pride themselves on doing the impossible. I’d just like to encourage you to say no to the unreasonable.” [Deadline via ThePlaylist]

That night: The VFX people clap maniacally at Chris Nolan’s humble wisdom.

The Next Day: James Cameron bursts in the door.  “Okay, guys, I’m going to need a hot pink rhino with leopard spots sliding down a purple mountain on snow shoes and three magenta tiger-striped pterodactyls shooting fireballs from their butt.  And of course I’m gonna want those fireballs in periwinkle blue.”

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