James Franco And Seth Rogen Want To Assassinate Kim Jong-Un In The Trailer For ‘The Interview’

Senior Writer
06.12.14 8 Comments

In what is clearly their most ambitious and ballsy effort to date, James Franco and Seth Rogen star in The Interview, which is the story of two TMZ-type-show stars that travel to North Korea to “interview” the country’s dictator. As the new trailer reveals, they’re recruited by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong-Un, and that’s where the ballsiness comes into play, because they’re not even pretending like this doesn’t have international incident written all over it. Sure, it’ll be hilarious to watch the real Kim Jong-Un pretend that he’s readying his stock of cardboard missiles as he shakes his tiny fists in rage and demands that Dennis Rodman lift him up so he can slam dunk a globe, but this is going to do nothing to help relations and get some of that sweet North Korean crystal meth coming to America.

The Interview also stars the always wonderful Lizzy Caplan as a CIA agent and Randall Park as Kim Jong-Un. No word yet on whether or not Jonah Hill will show up as the ghost of Kim Jong-Il, but he probably will.

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