James Lipton came up onstage with Charlie Sheen

Man, today’s movie news is boring.  My favorite thing I’ve seen today is this guy named “Fagley Dork.” Anyway, here’s Inside the Actor’s Studio’s James Lipton onstage with Charlie Sheen at his Violent Torpedoes of T-Shirt Slogans tour last night in New York.  Charlie brought James Lipton up so that James could ask Charlie his favorite curse word, and James Lipton was like, “F-ck it, I’ll come onstage for three seconds. I ain’t doin nothin.” Charlie’s answer, which he probably had at least a day to come up with was:

“It’s either ‘f*ck’… or ‘Denise!'”

Hahahahahahaha get it?  It’s funny because that’s the mother of his children.  Oh, Charlie, you rogue. My question is this: is there any situation you could put James Lipton in where his presence would be at all surprising?  I swear that guy could be onstage with Gaddafi helping a Ukrainian nurse roast a goat and no one would bat an eye.  As for Charlie Sheen, everyone agrees that his show is boring as hell.  My favorite account of one of his shows was of a heckler shouting, “THIS IS THE WORST THING I’VE EVER SEEN!” at the top of his lungs.  And then seconds later, “THIS IS WORSE THAN CHERNOBYL!”  That’s quality heckling right there. They should just combine this with the Spider-Man musical and let the crowd shoot paintballs at them.

[via GotchaMedia]