Jason Statham Is Getting Plenty Of Revenge In The Trailer For ‘Wild Card’

January might be where bad movies go to make easy money at the box office (or die a quick death), but the combination of Jason Statham and a screenplay by William Goldman leaves some hope for Wild Card. The remake of the 1986 adaptation of Goldman’s novel “Heat” stars everyone’s favorite bald butt-kicker as Nick Wild, a Las Vegas bodyguard who is also addicted to gambling. In order to get by and (presumably) earn enough money to leave Sin City behind and start a new life somewhere with fewer blackjack tables, Nick becomes a revenge artist for hire, and that leads him to a deadly feud with a mustachioed Milo Ventimiglia, whose last name is very hard to spell.

Directed by Simon West (The Expendables 2, The Mechanic), Wild Card features Jason Alexander, Stanley Tucci, Cedric the Entertainer and Sofia Vergara in a very tight sweater, and it hits theaters on January 30.